Pumpkin pie…the gods are punishing me..

I am a single woman and as such am invited to many thanksgiving dinners, family and friend events alike. This year I couldn’t be with family so I opted to attend an “orphans” feast hosted by really great friends. Said friends were two guys, who produced a good turkey, but beyond that there was Stove-top stuffing, mashed potatoes that consisted of boiled potatoes and water, store bought pumpkin pie..you get the picture.
So, on Black Friday, rather than being foolish and braving the crowds in stores I stayed put at home. I decided to make a complete Thanksgiving feast in an effort to produce “left overs.”
No Thanksgiving can be complete without a good pumpkin pie but I had so much going on I decided to use a frozen pie crust. BIG MISTAKE! While the custard of my pie was absolutely delicious the crust never really cooked so it is still a little mushy and blah. NEVER AGAIN will I cheat. I can make a great pie crust with my eyes closed but I didn’t want to deal with another mess. I will redeem myself soon and make another pie with real crust.

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